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Kids have great questions about God.  In Kids4Truth Club, they will learn great answers!

Kids age 3-13 join us each week for a time of learning, singing, memorization of Scripture, and fun activities. 


Register Your Child

Each year we will teach 6 doctrinal themes. Each of the 12 doctrinal themes has 10 key truths for the children to memorize for a total of 120 key truths. Each child will review the 120 truths four times as he moves through the four levels. The key truths become more in-depth with each level.


Year 1

God’s Word—The Bible

Theme 1: God's Word—The Bible

The Greatness of God

Theme 2: The Greatness of God

The Goodness of God

Theme 3: The Goodness of God

God’s View of You

Theme 6: God's View of You
The Trinity
Theme 4: The Trinity

God’s Creation

Theme 5: God's Creation

Year 2

God’s Gift—Salvation
Theme 9: God's Gift—Salvation

God’s Law

Theme 7: God's Law

Jesus Christ

Theme 8: Jesus Christ

God’s Purpose for His Children

Theme 10: God's Purpose for His Children

God’s Work—Past and Present

Theme 11: God's Work—Past and Present

God’s Plans for the Future

Theme 12: God's Plans for the Future

Level 1 – Discoverers – Age 3-6
An adventurous treasure-hunting theme
Level 2 – Developers – Age 7-8
A construction theme – building the foundation to grow upon
Level 3 – Detectives – Age 9-10
An adventurous clue-finding theme – learning to detect the truth
Level 4 – Defenders – Age 11-13
A medieval theme – learning to defend the faith

If you would like your child to participate in Kids4Truth, please email or call us. As an introduction to the class, your child will receive a Kids4Truth Starter Book. Once this is completed (usually 2-4 weeks) you can purchase a Truth Book for their level ($12). Additional purchases include the child’s standard (sash) that will display their awards and completion of work! ($7) 
To register, you may do any of the following: 

Attend a Club Meeting – 6:45 PM Every Wednesday During the School Year
Call – 317-738-4643
Email – info@nlbaptist.com

A Word

From Our Pastor

We believe the Bible is God’s Word and that by its proclamation, sinners can be saved, our faith can grow, and lives can be eternally changed!

God desires for you to know His plan and purpose for your life. He made you to know Him! We invite you to come discover God’s will for you here at New Life Baptist Church.

– Frank Finney

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Location: 751 Nineveh Rd.

Telephone: 317-738-4643

Email: info@nlbaptist.com

Sunday: 9:30 AM / 10:30 AM / 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 PM
6:30 PM – Kids4Truth

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