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Our Missionaries

New Life Baptist Church is passionate about fulfilling the great commission – to declare the Savior’s work of redemption at home and around the world. 



The Gospel of Jesus Christ has given us new life and is available for souls all around the world. Learn more about New Life in Christ by clicking the button below. 

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Around the World

Our Missionaries

We have partnered with the following missionaries to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These families receive spiritual and financial support from our church members. Their work is a vital part of our work – we are co-laboreres together with Christ. We pray for their specific needs and help, as God provides, for special projects. 

Cary & Susan Abbett
Juliana, Timothy, and Joshua
Missionaries to France 

Burdette & Mary Jane Bergen
Missionaries to Germany

Josh & Alyssa Clay
Missionaries to Mali

Don & Bridgett Dryden
Missionaries to Haiti

Tim & Rebecca Lewis
Paul, Elisha, and Joshua
Missionaries to Paupa New Guinea

David & Betsy McCrorie
Missionaries to Ontario, Canada

Bill & Becky Petite
Missionaries to Japan

Tony & Kathy Stark
East Africa Outreach

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